Carve The Future


The purpose of this website is to raise awareness in regards to the upcoming California general elections, and increase voter turnout amongst students at CSULB. After visiting this site, readers should feel well informed about candidates running for governor and propositions that would affect CSULB students. Voting information regarding voter registration, deadlines, and locations are provided to assist students learn where and when they may vote.

Why Vote?

Students at CSULB have faced an increase in tuition, fewer classes offered due to budget cuts, and reduced class instruction as a result of state furloughs. As a collective group, students at CSULB can vote for candidates and policies that will help improve the quality of our education. Choosing not to participate in the upcoming general elections will result in one less vote that could have otherwise been cast to improve chances of bringing positive change to our educational system.

 Disclaimer: This website is created as a class project and meant for educational use only. It is not intended to be for political or commercial use.